Here be a Message

from ye Captain

A hardy greeting to you all. We had a really terrific month! A professional film crew paid us a visit at the lake, and produced one really terrific video. They will be available for $15 at the meetings.

If people cannot get in contact with you, or you with them, please don’t blame me! I have been asking you for months to return the form that was included in your newsletter several months ago. I have since then, received a little over 1/3rd of those mailed out.

I will publish all the addresses that I have based on the database that I have for the address labels that I create every month, and the information mailed back to me.

I hope that all of you have a safe, and enjoyable Halloween this year. As the quote from “Pirates of the Caribbean” said “Here There Be Monsters”.


Captain's Message

Respectfully Yours...

Captain Bob "Spooky" Tiscareno