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Jim Shultz -RC Boats For Sale

Jim Shultz, Has some boats for sale. Call Jim at 562-455-4315 to make offer:

Push Boat –Sound, Radar Antenna turns, +Crew (17-1/2”-L, 7-1/2”-W, 11”-H)  $150.00

Proboat Aliegh Burke – (44”-L, 6”-W, 12”-H)    needs radio                         ----   $200.00

Aqua Craft PBR(conv) Police Boat RTR  (22”-L, 7-1/2”-W, 12”-H)  needs battery ---    $200.00

Stern Wheeler – [smoke-unit, chain drive  (65”-L, 16”-W, 22”-H)   Needs radio  ---      $400.00

Delta Queen – Saito  (50”-L, 13”-W, 14”-H) Needs radio  ---                                         $200.00

Tug Boat –[twin screw kort (Shelly Foss)] – (37”-L, 12”-W, 20’-H) Needs radio   ----     $250.00

Shovel Nose Speed Boat – [Brushless]  (30”-L, 14”-W, 8”-H) Needs radio speed-ctl  ---    $100.00

Sail Boat – (40”-L, 8-1/2”-W, 66”-H)  Needs radio  ---                                                   $100.00

Fish Tug – 25”-L, 9”-W, 9”-H) Needs radio  ---                                                              $100.00

Cabin Cruiser [Black Manufacture] San Pedro – (56”-L, 18-1/2”-W, 22”-H)  -    $100.00

Salvage Boat (42"L, 12"-W, 27"-H) Lights Sound and water canon + winch  -    $450.00


Hubsan FPL X4 DRONE – [camera, real time, GPS, Auto Hover, follow Me, Land and Return] $ 150.00 New in Box


144th Scale Hornet-ACFT Carrier, with plains & running Gear                   $200.00

Amsterdam Tug Kit 150 scale New in Box                                                  $300.00

Doyusha 1/250 shiano ACFT Carrier                                                           $200.00

Tug Boat (Shelly Foss)
Jim Shultz-(BOAT-02) ShovleNose SpeedBoat.jpg
Jim Shultz-(BOAT-03) Salvage Boat.jpg
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